Unf*ck your email.

Forget inbox-zero. Play god with clutter-zero.

Destroy unwanted email easily.

How easily? This easily


a message 


an unwelcome 





and also 



existing ones.

Unleash a battle-tested workflow.

Your inbox is split into four tabs. Batch similar items together to reduce cognitive load.


Your mailbox is a catch-all. Your to-do list, requests from others, receipts, newsletters, and so on.

Sharpen your carving knives.


Needs reply, or looking at?

Mark it as do.

Works like starring, but way more effective. And yes, there's a hotkey for that.


In progress? Needs attention when you start your day tomorrow?

Mark as doing.

Yes, hotkey for this too.

Read Later

Newsletters, non-tasks go here. Keep the recipes without crowding your inbox.

This definitely needed a hotkey.

Kill repetition.

Setup housekeeping. In literal milliseconds.

Just hold alt while moving an email to a folder, and.. that's it.

You just trained your mailbox to put future emails from this sender in this location.

Get radical.

Meet the Sender Pane.


Unified Inbox
And.. Unified Search.

Make the needle find you! Without going from one haystack to the next.

2 accounts or 10! Knock 'em out together.

Fast A.F.
Speed breeds flow. And vice versa.

Instant load times. No pagination. Infinite results per screen.

Keyboard first
So you can execute at the speed of thought.

Keyboard shortcuts are wizardry, but they're hard to discover, and harder to remember ← We fixed this.

Gorgeous with purpose
Designed to reduce fatigue — by reducing noise, repetition, and context-switching.

For example, compare the sidebar — less scrolling, more visual grouping. We do our best work when our minds have fewer things to hold.


Defends your focus with Message Preview Pane. No reason for a message to confiscate your entire screen, unless you choose to.

Cuts through the noise
Weaponry to let you surface just what you need.

Tear through long threads —  navigate them like a tree. Even prune unwanted parts for brevity.

Triage god level. Fly through batches of similar importance together.

Filters such as  —


Replying on steroids
Context side up.

Original and reply windows side-by-side for a natural experience. No fumbling or gymnastics to refer to the original.


reply here..

Quoted replies — in 6 fewer steps.

Select text, release mouse.

Good riddance having to ..